Action Alert

January 19, 2005  

Please take this quick action on Social Security as explained in this e-mail from the AFL-CIO -  THANKS!

Please take one moment today to preserve retirement security and stop President George W. Bush's plan to privatize Social Security. We need to deliver a loud and strong message by Thursday, Inauguration Day, telling President Bush and Congress we demand they strengthen Social Security, not wreck it.

Click below to sign the Petition to Protect Social Security:

President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security would hurt working families. It would force huge cuts in retirees' benefits and saddle our children with $2 trillion in debt, most of which we would owe to foreign countries such as China and Japan. But it's one of his top priorities and immediately following his inauguration this Thursday, Bush's administration will launch a PR campaign like we've never seen to privatize Social Security.

We need to act now to make our voices heard. We need 100,000 signatures on our petition by Thursday to make our point and counter this PR blitz. Please sign the Petition to Protect Social Security right now:

President Bush wants to trade Social Security's guaranteed benefits for risky Wall Street accounts. Politicians would decide which investment companies manage the millions of accounts, opening the door to massive political corruption and waste.

President Bush and his allies say the private accounts would be voluntary--but even retirees who don't sign up for private accounts will suffer huge benefit cuts. Many retirees will be left in poverty, and taxpayers and family members will have to provide them with the help that now comes from Social Security's guaranteed benefits.

Today, before the president's inauguration, sign the Petition to Protect Social Security:

Throughout our working lives, we pay into the Social Security system so we c an have a decent living after retirement. This isn't a hand-out--it's money that belongs to us because we paid into the Social Security trust fund. Don't let your retirement security be taken away. Please sign the petition, then urge your friends, family and co-workers to sign it, too, by clicking this link:

Thank you for taking action for working families.

In solidarity,

Working Families e-Activist Network, AFL-CIO January 18, 2005

P.S. There are only two days left until Inauguration Day--and we need 100,000 signatures by then. Please sign our Petition to Protect Social Security and urge others to sign it also.