Action Alert

October 17, 2005

Tax Breaks and Budget Cuts Reflect the Wrong Priorities

Before Hurricanes Rita and Katrina hit the South, Congress planned to pass a federal budget that would cut important public programs ó like Medicaid, food stamps and student aid ó in order to pay for tax breaks for the nationís wealthiest families.

Since then, Katrina and Rita have exposed the deadly impact of poverty, racism and injustice. The nation saw what happens when government focuses on the wrong priorities and fails to provide for the common good.

Now we have a real opportunity to get Congress to rethink their priorities and set a budget that addresses the needs of all families!


Step 1: On October 17 & 18, call 1-800-426-8073 to be connected toll-free to the Capitol Switchboard. Ask to speak to one of the senators from your state.

Step 2: When your senatorís phone is answered, say: My name is [your name] and I live in [your city/town]. I would like Senator [name] to oppose the $35 billion in program cuts and the $70 billion in planned tax cuts.  It doesnít make sense to pay for hurricane relief efforts by cutting the very programs that are essential to recovery.  I hope Senator [name] will urge his/her colleagues to pass a budget that makes Americaís families its first priority .

Step 3: Call your other senator and your House member. If the lines are busy, be patient and try again. You can also look up their direct numbers at and

Toll-free number generously provided by the American Friends Service Committee