Deep Canvass Institute: October Training Series!

Deep Canvass Institute: October Training Series! organized by People's Action

Join the Deep Canvass Institute Family for our October Deep Canvass Training Series! The Deep Canvass Institute is our exciting new national training institute, where you will be trained to have deep canvass conversations that are proven to be 102X more effective than traditional canvassing!

People’s Action and the New Conversation Initiative have launched the Deep Canvass Institute to help train tens of thousands of people to have hundreds of thousands of these types of powerful and courageous conversations that can transform our country. Join us!



Step 1: Deep Canvass Phonebank & Training (3 Hours)

  • Sign up for our Deep Canvass Phone bank and Training to Transform Public Safety in Minneapolis On Wednesday, October 13th 6-9PM ET / 3-6PM PT in partnership with a local coalition of 20+ Black-led community organizations.
  • On this phone bank you will receive a full training on how to make deep canvass phone calls, all with deep canvass leaders and staff there to support you as you make your first calls!
  • Completing a phone bank shift is THE REQUIRED STEP 1 to join the Institute because only after making deep canvass calls can you begin to grow in your skills as a deep canvasser! If this phone bank date doesn’t work for you, sign up for a different shift BEFORE October 18th here:

STEP 2: Deep Canvass Skills Series (6 Hours over 2 Days):

  • Once you have completed a phone bank shift, you are invited to join our Deep Canvass Skills Series where we will focus on the core persuasion skills of deep canvassing with the top deep canvass trainers in the country!
  • On Monday, October 18th 6-9PM ET / 3-6PM PT we will dive into what is deep canvassing, what it has achieved and training on the critical deep canvass skills of building rapport and compassionate curiosity!
  • On Tuesday, October 19th 6-9PM ET / 3-6PM PT we will dive further into the deep canvassing skills of personal stake stories, assertiveness, and redirecting!
  • AFTER completing this Skills Series, you will be invited into our Side By Side Coaching program where you can receive 1-1 deep canvass coaching from a trained coach while you make calls!


  • To become a member of the Deep Canvass Institute, you must sign up for all 3 dates listed on this page, October 6th 6-9PM ET, October 18th and 19th 6-9PM ET.
  • If the phone bank date doesn’t work for you, you can view other dates to complete a Minneapolis Deep Canvass Phone bank shift here:
  • If the Skills Series dates don’t work for you, please check back in late October and we will open up spots for our November Deep Canvass Institute Series!