Every death caused by too-high insulin costs is a death too many. It’s time to choose PEOPLE over drug company PROFIT.
For months we’ve been supporting the WV Team for Insulin Affordability on HB 4543, a great bipartisan bill that would cap insulin co-pays at $25.  It would save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year for Type I Diabetics who depend on life-saving insulin. But on Monday, when the bill went to House Banking and Insurance, the pharmaceutical lobby came out in force.  If we hadn’t been there with personally impacted people who spoke off the cuff about the skyrocketing costs of insulin (shout out to Alyson Rutherford and Kim Jones), the bill would have died. Now it should be headed to a floor vote, but instead it’s been triple referenced to Judiciary.
Don’t let House leaders sweep suffering diabetics under the rug!  It’s time to stand up to Big Pharma and their lobbyists. Please call your House reps, especially members of House Judiciary, and urge them to support HB 4543!
Updated: February 5, 2020 — 10:12 am

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  1. My daughter has been Type 1 since the age of 7. We’ve been on PEIA the entire time. We’ve gone from having $5 copay to being able to meet her individual deductible within the first month of the plan year on ONLY her insulin prescription. I am petrified about what happens in a few years when she graduates college and is no longer on our insurance. She would likely have to move to a state which DOES have a cap on costs. I will be contacting everyone to support this bill!!! Thank you

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