Tell Congress: Stop Killing Us with Inflated & Unaffordable Rx Drug Prices

No matter where people live, what they look like or what’s in their wallets everyone deserves affordable medicine we all need for healthy lives.

Drug corporations, their powerful Pharma lobbyists and their allies in Congress are gearing up to stop any legislative that takes away their unlimited power to price-gouge patients and inflate their profits. President Trump is promising action to lower drug costs even while negotiating behind the scenes lock in high prices in the NAFTA 2.0 deal. Meanwhile, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has already declared that a new bill that would finally allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices with drug companies and then extend those lower prices to people with private insurance too is “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

It’s up to us to fight back!

Promises, tweaks, half-measures or passing the buck on blame won’t transform the system to make medicines affordable for everyone. Lower Drug Prices Now is fighting for comprehensive reform based on our principles in order to hold drug companies accountable for lowering their prices, guarantee affordability and ensure that our public investment in prescription drug research serves patients, not just drug company profits. 

Join us by signing the petition below supporting the “Lower Drug Prices Now” campaign principles and urging members of Congress to act.

Democrats in Congress have just introduced a new bill, H.R. 3, that would finally require prescription drug companies to negotiate with government for lower prices on a range of drugs for people in Medicare and private insurance. The bill penalizes drug companies for gouging patients and stops them from charging patients in the United States many times more than what people in other countries pay for the same drug.

H.R. 3 won’t fix every problem and doesn’t meet all our principles, but it’s a big step in the right direction. That’s why Big Pharma wants to kill the bill so drug companies can continue to charge what they want rather than negotiating prices and treating patients fairly.

To: Representatives McKinley, Mooney, & Miller, and Senators Capito & Manchin

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