Tell Governor Justice to Protect Child Care for Essential Workers

Tell Governor Justice to Protect Child Care for Essential Workers
Action Alert from the Legislative Action Team for Children & Families

Throughout the pandemic, Essential Workers have played an invaluable role in providing the care and services needed to serve our communities. To ensure that those Essential Workers are able to care for their families while continuing to work, West Virginia has provided child care subsidies for ALL of these workers since April 2020. However, in less than two weeks, beginning November 1st any essential worker household with income exceeding 85% of the State Median Income will lose this critical support.  

TAKE ACTION! Tell Governor Justice to
Protect Child Care for Essential Workers

According to information from WV DHHR, 7,288 children in 4,596 over-income families are expected to lose eligibility for child care subsidies under the change. This action will have a major impact on availability of child care for thousands of families, as well as child care workers themselves who may be above the revised income guidelines.

Child Care is Essential for West Virginia!

  • Studies indicate that quality early childhood development programs encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors throughout the life cycle. 
  • High-quality early care and education leads to higher graduation rates and rates of employment later in life. 
  • Early education and care builds a foundation that can permanently boost IQ and social-emotional skills, creating more independent, productive adults.
  • Quality, affordable child care is essential for workers to have the peace of mind to know that their children are cared for while they work. 

Call Governor Justice at 304-558-2000, or use this link to email him and ask to extend eligibility for child care subsidies for essential workers for at least 90 days until lawmakers return to Charleston in January when a permanent solution can be identified. 

West Virginia has a budget surplus that could help ensure that families don’t lose access to child care at a time when they are already dealing with higher costs due to inflation. 

Thank you for speaking out.

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