Arming Teachers Bill (HB 4299) “Thankfully Dead”

The Arming Teachers Bill (HB 4299) Is “Thankfully Dead”


Dear Moms Demand Action Members and friends:

       As you know the 2024 legislative session ended at midnight on Saturday March 9.

       Today I am happy to report that HB 4299, the arming teachers bill, never was put on a Committee agenda (Senate Judiciary to be specific) and, in the words of one sensible Senator, was reported as “thankfully dead.”

Congratulations to all our Moms Demand Action volunteers and friends for a concerted effort to help defeat this bill!

       Without the constant opposition from us and other groups I feel it is highly likely that HB 4299 would have gained considerable traction toward passage.

       As far as other bills that would arm personnel in schools, the lawmakers in the House and Senate could not work out a compromise between the original HB 4851 (which would draw from those who have been in law enforcement in the past 10 years) and the original SB 143 (the “Guardians” bill, which would draw mainly from honorably discharged veterans and former law enforcement). Because consensus was not reached on some kind of a compromise bill, both bills died when the legislative session ended at midnight on Saturday, March 9th.

       I believe the main bill that the gun lobby passed in their favor is HB 4782. The language in the bill essentially seeks to prevent municipalities from applying zoning restrictions on gun and ammunition businesses, as far as where they may be located, etc.

       A similar kind of bill, HB 5694, the Firearms Industry Non-Discrimination Act focused on discouraging certain actions against firearm companies such as boycotting. Fortunately this bill died on the last day of the session.

Thank you again to all of you for your interest and your outstanding effort.

       Remember if you are interested in signing up for the WV Chapter of Moms Demand Action (the National organization of which is Everytown for Gun Safety) simply text READY to 644-33. In this way you can be active in both local and national legislative efforts.

       It is a little known fact that Senator Capito was one of only 16 Republicans who voted for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.


All the best,

Jim McJunkin, MD

WV Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Injury Prevention

Moms Demand Volunteer

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