Best of Times, Worst of Times

Yes, it seems more and more like we’re living in a Charles Dickens novel these days. ‘Best of Times’ as the new administration repairs the damage of the past four years and Congress prepares to move on robust COVID relief and economic stimulus package, climate, infrastructure, and healthcare. ‘Worst of Times’ at the WV Legislature, where many feel we’re getting ready to oppose the worst policies of our lifetimes being proposed by Republican supermajorities in both houses and public access to the Capitol is limited due to the ongoing pandemic.

One thing is for sure, YOUR VOICE is more important now than ever on both the federal and state policies that we all care about. Senator Joe Manchin could provide the ‘swing’ vote on many critical issues and needs to hear from his constituents often as the new Congress and President Biden work to ‘Build Back Better’. 

Progressive groups whose representatives usually roam the Capitol and citizen lobbyists who normally participate in various advocacy days to both educate and lobby lawmakers will find it difficult to maneuver the COVID lockdown where we will need an appointment with a lawmaker just to get in the doors. There are so many new legislators who’ll need to be held accountable by YOU, the folks back home!

We’ll be working overtime and weekends to get you all the information you need to weigh in on the bills and policies that’ll be affecting you, your families and communities far into the future. Please join in and weigh in with your lawmakers both in state and in Washington so they know your opinions and know you’re watching them! 

As we speak, COVID relief is moving fast in Washington through a process called reconciliation, which allows the Senate to pass items related to the budget with only 51 votes (bypassing the usual filibuster rule that requires 60 votes needed to move a bill to a final vote). Even Governor Justice has come out in the national media to saying we should “Go BIG, or go home,” urging a robust package that takes care of those who are hurting from the pandemic’s stranglehold on our economy (albeit in stark contrast to his call for tax cuts in his State of the State address). With only a one-vote majority in the Senate, Democrats must hold their whole caucus together (or get a few Rs on board) to pass this essential roadmap to ‘Build Back Better’. 

Send a message or call Senator Manchin RIGHT NOW supporting a comprehensive, inclusive package!

If we all pull together we can both maximize these Best of Times and weather these Worst of Times! Let’s roll!

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