Calling All Wednesdays! Today’s Calls: Sen. Manchin – Please Lower Prescription Drug Prices!

Over one-third of Americans cannot afford the medications their physicians have prescribed them, forcing them to ration care by splitting doses or to go without life-saving drugs altogether. 

Americans should not face prices that are nearly three times what people in other countries pay when there are ready solutions available to make those medicines affordable including negotiations–the one that Biden suggested which Senator Manchin also supports. 

The Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R. 3), passed by the House last year and reintroduced this year, would save taxpayers more than $450 billion and lower out-of-pocket costs for patients by authorizing Medicare negotiations, setting inflationary price caps, and limiting out-of-pocket costs. 

Lower prices would be extended to the private sector, where employers are struggling to manage the ever-rising costs of drugs. It is a comprehensive set of reforms that will fundamentally reform America’s drug pricing system to ensure it works for the people it is supposed to serve. 

Call Senator Manchin (202-224-3954) and tell him to support President Biden and the Lower Drug Cost Now Act.

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