Capital Eye Vol. 15 No. 7: Week Seven of the WV Legislative Session

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Your Contributions Important to ‘Life After Session’

This time of year we start joking about what life will be like after the craziness of the legislative session. This being an election year we’ll be transitioning to voter education, engagement, and all manner of support for getting better legislators behind the desks at the State Capitol. Your continued support and volunteering will be essential to getting this critical work done! Please take a minute to renew or become a supporting member of WV CAG! A big THANKS to all of YOU who have already done so!



– – March 4th: First Friday Gathering at the WVCAG office – 5PM
Join us for lively discussion, snacks, beverages and solidarity at 1500 Dixie St. in Charleston, WV.

Crossover Day in this ‘Overreach’ Session
When leadership has a bill they really want to keep alive, there are ways to amend them into other legislation that can survive Crossover from their house of origin. In short, nothing is really dead until the very end.
Tagged: Worker's SafetyWV Legislature
Voting Rights Restoration Bill in Jeopardy; Several Bad Bills Advancing
As we head into the final two weeks here’s a look at various election and court related bills that are still in play and their status. 
Tagged: Civil RightsDemocracy
Good News on Health Initiatives
As we face down “cross-over” day in the state legislature, it feels like we are being hit with one bad bill after another. But there are two good health care bills moving forward...
Environmental Update
Companion bills HB 4408/SB 485 expanding private companies’ ability to develop recreational facilities were voted on in their respective committees last week... 
Tagged: EconomyEnvironment
Reject Ineffective and Harmful Cuts to Earned Unemployment Benefits
Essential workers were championed throughout the pandemic for their critical jobs keeping our economy afloat. But now, West Virginia legislators are considering gutting earned unemployment benefits for those very same workers if they lose their jobs through no fault of their own.
Tagged: Unemployment benefitsWorkers
Medicaid Helped Her Work and From Falling Through the Cracks
Working from home during COVID gave her the ability to both do her job while working around her many health challenges, and care for Micah, her adult special needs daughter. As someone with disabilities, Priscilla was able to keep her Medicaid while working full-time through a program called M-WIN.
Tagged: EconomyHealthcare
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