Legislative Update Week 4: Small Government?

The WV Legislature, dominated by the party of so-called ‘small government’, keeps inserting itself into the bedrooms and doctors offices of our citizens, most recently by The House banning all gender-affirming care for our transgender youth, despite vocal opposition, and sending HB 2007 to the Senate. Nearly 80 people spoke at the public hearing, only two of which were in support of the bill. 

Keep reading for more on what’s happening under the dome along, and keep taking action with us.  Be sure to check our events calendar for opportunities for learning and action in the coming days and weeks. 

Citizen Action depends on YOU! Please take some time to reach out to lawmakers on the issues that resonate with you. They need to hear other perspectives and positions. Thank you for being an active citizen and sharing your thoughts, expertise and solutions to problems and challenges facing our state. One other way you can be active is with a supporting membership to WV Citizen Action. Please keep those renewals and new memberships coming in! Thanks, again, for your support.

Small Government?
As I was having a drink with veteran statehouse reporter Phil Kabler ... In essence he said something like, “It's strange how the party of so-called ‘small government’ keeps inserting itself into the bedrooms and doctors offices of our citizens.”
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Tax & Budget, Culture Wars and Other Bill Action
The Governor continued his roadshow to promote his personal income tax cut proposal, but the plan is going nowhere fast in the Senate...
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West Virginia Citizen Action Group Executive Director Gary Zuckett holds up a copy of the single-page HB 2883, which would give $500 million in unallocated COVID-19 relief funding to the West Virginia Economic Development Authority. The proposed bill drew ire Thursday from West Virginians who believe the money should go to help the areas hit hardest by the pandemic. - PERRY BENNETT | WV Legislative Photography wvgazettemail.com
Remarks at Public Hearing for HB 2883 on Allocation of ARPA Funds
According to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s final rule, ARPA Fiscal Recovery Funds are intended to “provide state, local, and tribal governments with the resources needed to respond to the pandemic and its economic effects and to build a stronger, more equitable economy during the recovery.”
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PRESS RELEASE: WV Truth in History Poll Release, Statement on SB 130
A recent scientific poll indicates young West Virginians are unhappy with the Legislature’s focus on divisive social issues to the point that a majority would at least consider leaving the state if the restrictive bills are passed and the trend continues.
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Join Us for Black Policy Day at the Capitol on February 15
Join the WV Black Voter Impact Initiative and its partners for breakfast at the Cultural Center starting at 7:00 am, followed by activities and speakers related to the Black policy framework. 
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Climate Eye – Week 4
We’re almost halfway through the session and there’s been a lot of progress on important bills to protect our climate and environment.
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Health Care – Week 4
Anti-trans bill, bridging the Medicaid Cliff, helping WV diabetics, expanding dental care and more!
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