Climate Eye – Week 3

  • PSC Public Hearing

The West Virginia Public Service Commission held a public hearing on a case that included a Mon Power/Potomac Edison rate increase and drastic changes to net metering in that service territory. When individual solar owners generate more electricity than they use, net metering allows them to sell that energy back into the grid. Thanks to the work CAG and our solar allies in the past, West Virginia currently has one of the best net metering rates in the country; our solar owners can sell electricity back into the grid at wholesale prices, which allows many to pay off their solar installations much more quickly than in other states. If accepted by the PSC, net metering rates would be cut in half. There were over 1400 letters in protest and only one letter in support, and all participants of the public hearing were opposed. We’ll keep you posted when the PSC releases their decision!

  • Save Our Solar

Community solar and net metering continue to be priorities at the Legislature this year. Multiple community solar bills have been or are in the process of being introduced, and staff continue to explore the option to codify our current net metering rates through legislation. We’ll send action alerts as soon as one of those bills starts to move! In the meantime, please help us show that West Virginia supports solar by joining us at the Save Our Solar Rally at the Capitol this Saturday from 2-4pm. Free transportation is available for folks in the panhandles, Morgantown, and Huntington, so please register ASAP to reserve your spot!

  • Citizen Air Monitoring

Citizen air monitoring is under attack in the West Virginia Legislature! HB 5018 was introduced this week to codify that data from citizen efforts cannot be used for regulation or regulatory action, despite various EPA maps utilizing PurpleAir data for years. We hope you’ll join us in opposing this bill as citizen monitoring is a commonly accepted first step in the process of identifying and addressing air quality issues. Look for a dedicated action alert email on this bill very soon.

WV CAG and our allies have long supported citizen science, especially air monitoring through the use of PurpleAir equipment. We’ve placed numerous monitors in the Kanawha Valley for our pilot project and will continue to add more while expanding into the Ohio River Valley in the Parkersburg and Huntington areas. We supplement those air monitors with “hound dog kits” that include water quality tests and combustible gas detectors that are shared among volunteers in an area. If you’re in one of those areas or are interested in learning more about citizen monitoring, please complete this form and we’ll be in touch! To hear more about our air monitoring project, listen to CAG Organizing Director Dani Parent and member leader Corey Zinn on WTSQ this week!


  • PLAN’s Beyond Waste Student Summit

PLAN’s Beyond Waste Student Summits are highly interactive simulations that help students work through issues that arise when working on sustainability in higher ed. This event is free, and meals are provided! 

If you wouldn’t mind, please share this event with your student organizers in your life/ share on socials (tag PLAN) or in newsletters!

Link to register:

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