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Vote to decide the 2016 OCOF public policy platform!

Citizen Action Group Action Alert
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Vote to decide the 2016 OCOF public policy platform!

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Earlier this week, the Our Children, Our Future campaign held their annual Policy Summit.  WV CAG, along with other member organizations and citizens from all across the state came to the capitol to hear about the 18 policy proposals, connect with others, and speak with legislators.  You can read more about the Summit here.

Now, it’s time to vote!  Each year, the campaign chooses the top five policy proposals based off of votes from West Virginians like YOU.  Those top five policies then become the platform for the campaign during the upcoming legislative session and, thus, have a higher likelihood of being successful.

During the upcoming legislative session, one of WV CAG’s focuses will be on passing a state-based earned income tax credit (EITC), which happens to be one of the policy proposals!

We hope you’ll make the WV EITC one of your top five policies.  It is time for West Virginia to enact a state EITC and join the 26 other states helping working families. Before voting, you can learn more about the benefits of a state EITC here and about all of the proposals here.

When you’re ready to vote, click the button below.  As part of your ballot, you’ll have to indicate the way(s) you are connected to the campaign.  Be sure to mark the last box, as WV CAG is one of the many partners of OCOF!

The deadline for casting your ballot is September 30th.  Don’t miss your chance to have your voice be part of the 2016 platform decision!

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