Help make it clear to FirstEnergy: NO BAILOUT FROM WEST VIRGINIANS!​

Last week, WV CAG joined with other organizations, businesses, and elected officials in launching the West Virginians for Energy Freedom coalition to oppose FirstEnergy’s plan to transfer the obsolete Pleasants power plant to Mon Power and Potomac Edison and make customers pay the cost.
West Virginians don’t want to bail out FirstEnergy Corp. and its shareholders, and we shouldn’t have to!
FirstEnergy Corp., the Ohio-based parent company of Mon Power and Potomac Edison, plans to have Mon Power purchase the Pleasants power plant from another FirstEnergy subsidiary. If successful, the costs of this plant will be passed on to West Virginians who are Mon Power and Potomac Edison’s West Virginia customers. A similar transfer of ownership of the Harrison power plant in 2013 has already cost Mon Power and Potomac Edison customers more than $160 million.
Help us spread the word by signing the petition and sharing with your family, friends, and neighbors!
Let’s make it clear to FirstEnergy: NO BAILOUT FROM WEST VIRGINIANS! The only way we can stop this thing is if people like you help spread the news.
Updated: February 8, 2017 — 4:34 pm

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