Make a Difference! Share Your WV Health Care Story.

Share your WV Health Care Story

Dear Friend,

Many of us are struggling to afford medical expenses or prescriptions, to access needed care, are without coverage or soon to lose coverage, or are fighting with our insurance providers to cover rightful claims.

Contact Us HERE to Share Your WV Health Care Story.

You Can Make a Difference!
A story can change the hearts and minds of the public, and our policymakers! This helps protect needed programs from harmful funding cuts and changes, programs that provide affordable health care to you and your family. This also helps expand programs to provide more coverage when so many West Virginians fall through the cracks. 

I have to say, I think it’s because of people sharing their health care stories that we were able to encourage our state legislators to reduce the insulin copay cap down to $35, and cap the cost of diabetic supplies. This is huge! Mindy Salango, one of our story tellers, shared that at one point her monthly insulin copay costs were more than her mortgage payments. She had to ration her insulin, a deadly gamble, and because of it, she now has diabetic retinopathy. Stories like hers helped to move policy.

Story Videos and Clips

Because of people like you, change happens.

Please consider sharing your healthcare story at, or you can email me directly to schedule a confidential interview. Your story will remain confidential, unless you agree to share it publicly, and there are many ways to do so:

  –  Anonymously, First name only, Full name

  –  State only, County, or City

  –  Text only, audio or video (this can be done by Zoom over your computer or device).

We CAN educate lawmakers on our real healthcare struggles, and affect real policy change.

Let’s raise our voices together and fight for affordable, accessible, equitable #HealthcareForAll in WV. 


Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Communications Coordinator

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