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Mid-Week Action Alert – Still Lots to Do!

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With the 2019 legislative winding down, there’s still lots to do!

Below are several actions you can take. Please take a few minutes and make some calls, as the clock is ticking on these bills. 

Yours for Action,

Gary Zuckett

Co-Executive Director

Help Stop Bad Consumer Bills

Our allies at the WV Association for Justice have alerted us to several terrible consumer bills. Among them, a bill that allows vehicles that can’t pass state inspections on our roads. 

When you buy a used car from a dealer, you expect it to be driveable. You also expect the dealer to disclose any problems with the vehicle because repairs could cost you thousands more. 

Proposed SB 543 changes that by allowing the sale of “as is” cars.  The law would also permit the sale of used, defective vehicles if the defects are “disclosed”–even though most consumers don’t read the fine print–and the defects can be major ones that make the vehicle unsafe to drive.  

You should know if you’re buying a lemon! 

Tell lawmakers to protect consumers and keep West Virginia’s roads safe! Reject SB 543!

The WV Legislature also wants to expand state government by adding an intermediate court our state doesn’t need. Even worse, it will waste millions in tax dollars every year. Small states like West Virginia don’t have intermediate courts because our caseloads do not justify the expense. Our lawmakers shouldn’t waste millions on an unnecessary intermediate court when that money is needed for road repair, schools, infrastructure, broadband access, job training for residents and more.

Demand Lawmakers STOP SB 266!

What do we want? Democracy! When do we want it? Now!

But some members of the WV Legislature have other ideas. The House of Delegates is set to vote on a bill (SB 622) that would allow even more big money into a system that already favors the wealthy and special interests.

Although SB 622 increases transparency of political spending in some small ways, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee blocked efforts by Democrats to close loopholes in our laws that make it possible for groups that spend money on political ads to hide the identity of their donors

It’s past time to put an end to big money funneled through groups with secret donors, and we expect some of these amendments to be offered again when the full House considers the bill. 

Call your delegate(s) now and tell them to say YES to transparency, and NO to more money in West Virginia elections.

Slow Down Foster Care Bill

HB 2010, which would sell off the management of services for our state’s foster care kids and families to an out-of-state managed care organization (MCO) corporation is continuing to work it’s way through the Legislature.

This is being pushed by DHHR and needs to be slowed down and studied, not rushed through. It’s on amendment stage in the Senate today.

Calls to Senators to vote NO are needed.

Also, contact Senate President Carmichael and the Governor to ask them to put the brakes on this bill and support real solutions to real problems by investing in what’s working and in planning and services to address real needs.

Senator Mitch Carmichael – (304) 357-7801

Governor Jim Justice – (304) 558-2000

Fix for Medical Cannabis

The banking fix for the financial end of WV Medicinal Cannabis Act has both houses and is on its way to the governor’s desk! However, another needed fix (HB 2079) addressing vertical integration between growers, processors is stuck in Senate Judiciary Committee. Both pieces of legislation are critical to the proper implementation of the WV Medical Cannabis Act.

Contact committee Chair Charles Trump at (304) 357-7880 and ask him to put HB 2079 with its needed consumer protections on the agenda.

Campus Concealed Carry Shot Down, But Could Come Back

Last night, the Senate Judiciary committee, after a perfunctory discussion of the House’s Campus Carry bill (HB 2519), voted it down 9-7! However, there is still a parliamentary procedure that they can try to bring it back to life and safety advocates are working to shore up Senators before 3 PM today.

Please Make Two Calls With These Messages

  • Senator Takubo (304) 357-7990 – “Say NO to HB 2519 if it comes back up”
  • Senator Weld (304) 357-7984 – “Thank you for saying NO to Campus Carry. Stay strong in your position!”
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