Please Help KY & VA Flood Victims!

Image cropped from Louisville Courier Journal video

Image cropped from Louisville Courier Journal video


Across Eastern Kentucy and Southern Virginia, dozens have lost their lives and hundreds have lost their homes, their cars, everything due to historic rains and flooding.

They could really use some help.

Several Mutial Aid organizations are raising funds to directly support immediate care needs. They are also actively collecting bottled water, cleaning supplies and medical donations, including tetanus vaccines.

**Please note: unless an organization is calling for clothing, please do not donate clothing. They ask us to only donate new items that are requested by drop-off organizers.** 

Currently, the greatest areas of immediate need are:

Donation and Mutual Aid Funds: 

 Let’s share some digital dollars with our fellow Appalachians and lend a hand.

Eve Marcum-Atkinson
Communications Coordinator & Office Administrator
WV Citizen Action

Jan 17 2022  Action Alert
We Are The Economy: Community Well-Being & Mutual Aid – Jan 17th, 8PM
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