It’s time to vote…twice!

We want you to vote TWICE!  Yes, you read that right; we want you to vote twice.

First, vote for the issues you care about on the Our Children, Our Future Policy Platform Ballot.  The ballot has 34 policy proposals and is split into 3 pillars – Great Education & Jobs, Healthy Communities, and Strengthening Democracy.  In each pillar, you can vote for up to 6 policy proposals.

With 34 policy proposals and only 18 votes, we know how hard it is to choose, so here are some of our recommendations:

  • 1) Fair Workplace – Legislation that repeals Right to Work, restores Prevailing Wage, enforces paid leave, and ensures equal pay for equal work
  • 13) Cannabis for Medical Use – Legalizing the consumption and possession of marijuana for legitimate medical uses
  • 15) Increasing Safeguards to our Water Supply – Efforts to improve water quality and restore public ownership of water resources
  • 23) Encouraging Work in West Virginia – Encouraging Work and EITC: Create a state-level Earned Income Tax Credit would lift families out of poverty and incentivize work
  • 28) Low Income Weatherization – Examining the feasibility and possible funding for a weatherization program for low-income families
  • 34) WV Anti-Corruption Act – Improving our election system by promoting transparency in campaign contributions, stronger ethics laws, and non-partisan redistricting

To dig deeper into the issues, click here.

After you vote for the issues, vote for your elected officials!  Early voting is underway through Saturday, May 7th.  Contact your County Clerk for specifics on early voting in your county.

If you’re interested in learning what districts you are in, click here; this will also tell you your polling location for May 10th.  Once you know your districts, click here to learn what candidates will be on your ballot.

Reminder:  West Virginia has a semi-open primary.  Voters registered with the Democratic, Republican, Mountain, or Libertarian parties can vote their party’s primary ballot (if they have one); voters not registered with one of these four parties can vote the non-partisan ballot or request to vote any party’s primary ballot that is available.  Note:  You must request the parties ballot you want to vote in; poll workers are legally not allowed to suggest or give you anything other than the non-partisan ballot unless you ask.

We know that may have been confusing, so check out these info-graphics from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office explaining what ballot you can vote:

For all counties, except Nicholas and Kanawha:

Only in Kanawha and Nicholas counties:  

Again, don’t forget:  early voting is underway through Saturday, May 7th and election day is Tuesday, May 10th!

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything regarding the election, don’t hesitate to contact your County Clerk or the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office.

We hope this information makes it easier for you to vote…twice!  Now, go out there and rock the vote!

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