Voter Issues and Action Survey: Full Summary of Results

Earlier this summer, CAG and its partners in the WV Freedom to Vote Coalition launched a Voter Issue and Action Survey (VIAS) as part of a campaign that aims to expand voter access to the polls by directly listening to West Virginians and collecting information about the challenges they have faced while attempting to cast their votes.

The campaign surrounding the VIAS concluded on Friday, July 15th. From this campaign, we received a total of 44 responses from West Virginia voters. While this is a smaller sample than we originally hoped for, it provides plenty of valuable information that allows us to identify some of the major issues voters are facing in our state.

Ultimately, the VIAS campaign was very successful in calling attention to many of the issues voters face when attempting to make their voices heard at the polls. We are confident that this will serve as a stable foundation as we work with our partners to devise new initiatives to hold election officials accountable and encourage them to resolve many of the issues identified through this campaign.

WV CAG’s summer intern and Democracy Fellow, Richard Rose, prepared the following summary of the issues identified. 

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