We can lift 400,000 kids out of poverty

All we need is for Representative Carol Miller and others on the House Ways and Means Committee to support the measure to expand the Child Tax Credit within the federal tax bill currently being negotiated. 

How can West Virginians help make this happen? Call or Email Carol Miller’s offices. 

Emails are useful, as are online action forms, but phone calls have a bigger impact!

Washington – (202) 225-3452

Charleston – (681) 945-6556

Beckley – (304) 250-6177

Huntington – (304) 522-2201

Although this proposed expansion of the Child Tax Credit is not everything child advocates in West Virginia have fought for, it would still have a tremendous impact in our state and around the country, benefitting millions of kids and lifting an estimated 400,000 out of poverty

Currently an estimated 19 million children receive less than the full Child Tax Credit because their parents’ incomes are too low. Too low for help? That ain’t right!

The proposed CTC expansion would apply retroactively to 2023, so families filing their taxes this spring would receive the expanded CTC, and would increase the maximum credit for low-income families to match what higher-income families get by 2025. Overall, an expanded CTC can help families to keep up with higher costs of living.

In 2021, the additional $250 and $300 per month, per child, that Congress provided families through the CTC was a lifeline for millions and allowed many to keep their heads above water. In the one year that the CTC was in effect, almost 3 million children were lifted out of poverty, a 46% decline. Research shows that most low-income families spent the expanded CTC on basic necessities like food, utilities, and rent or mortgage payments, as well as education expenses―and families need that help now.

Tell Rep. Miller, “Please support the child tax credit in the federal tax bill being considered by the House Ways and Means Committee. West Virginia kids and families need this lifeline. And, NO child should be too poor to receive the CTC.”

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