Climate Eye Week 3

WV-CAG is proud to support the WV Environmental Council in their lobbying and advocacy efforts. Please join us for E-Day at the Capitol on February 28 to learn more about organizations working for climate justice in the state, the issues we’re currently working on, and to speak directly with your legislators about your climate priorities.

Below are some issues and actions to keep an eye on this week.



  • Methane is a potent greenhouse gas which accelerates global warming and exacerbates climate impacts, like severe flooding. Tell the EPA to tackle the climate crisis and protect public health by cutting methane emissions today!
  • Orphaned wells: 
    • This month, the Ohio River Valley Institute released a report on Diversified Energy and the possibility that they will file for bankruptcy. This article summarized Diversified business practices as “claiming it can plug wells for less than half the industry standard cost, assuming dying wells will continue producing for longer than they’re likely to in order to delay plugging them, understating the rate at which oil and gas production is likely to decline over time, recording acquisitions as financial gains, and carrying forward $183 million in unused tax credits, which it generated when gas prices were low.”

There are currently over 6,500 orphaned wells across the state of West Virginia. These wells were left behind by the oil and gas industry, leaving taxpayers responsible for the costs to plug them. Not only is this an economic liability, but these orphaned wells also pose a major threat to landowners’ property rights, to the environment and to the communities in which they are located. Often these wells continue to leak not just gas but liquids, including toxic chemicals, polluting the air and water. Methane leaks from these wells help fuel the climate crisis by contributing to increased climate-related weather disasters like the severe flooding already happening here in West Virginia. Take action here to tell your legislators that plugging orphaned wells will be a win for our economy, environment and public health.

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