Congress to Vote on Tax Plan Thursday; Tell Your Representative to Protect Working Families

Our hard work over many months comes down to a vote in the House of Representatives this Thursday. Republican leaders are desperately trying to round up the votes needed to pass this turkey of a tax bill — and we can actually stop it. But we need your help — no ifs, ands or buts!

Here’s what’s at stake. Their tax plan will provide trillions of dollars in tax breaks largely benefitting the richest 1% and wealthy corporations. To pay for these tax breaks millions of middle-class families will end up paying more in taxes, and Republicans will slash Medicare, Medicaid, education and more.

Call your Representative right now and tell them to OPPOSE the Trump tax scam!


When you call the number above your’ll be asked to enter your zip code and your call will be directed accordingly. Here’s a suggested call script:

My name is _______. I live in TOWN, STATE and I’m a constituent of the Representative’s.

I want Representative __________ to OPPOSE the House tax plan that delivers huge tax cuts to the richest 1% and wealthy corporations, funded by increasing taxes on millions of middle-class Americans and by slashing Medicare, Medicaid and education. It’s wrong to give special tax breaks to the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working families.

The Republican tax plan is not tax “reform.” It’s a massive tax cut mostly for the richest 1% and wealthy corporations. It will result in deep cuts to healthcare, education and other critical services we all rely on.

Call your Representative today and demand a tax system that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

PS: The Senate Finance Committee is marking up its version of the bill this week, with a vote expected after Thanksgiving. If you haven’t already, please send a letter to Senator Joe Manchin and tell him to oppose the GOP’s proposed tax cuts for the rich

Thank you for taking action! 

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