Free Talk on the Historic New Climate Bill – Nov 5th, 11am

The energy and environmental portions of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) are extensive and frankly can be confusing. (IRA Summary)

Perry Bryant of Citizen’s Climate Lobby be making a presentation on Saturday, November 5th from 11 am to noon in room 311A in the Kanawha Public Library. Perry hopes to make the historic investments in clean energy as understandable as possible. Please join us. He will have printed copies of their Summary of the IRA, and will leave plenty of time for questions and answers.

It’s important to understand the IRA and how it will impact the climate crisis. There are already efforts to undermine or repeal the IRA. Being armed with factual information on what’s actually in the IRA is one of the most important ways to protect it from attack.

If you’re not from Charleston, but would like a presentation on the IRA, contact Perry Bryant.

We hope to see you on Saturday, November 5th at 11 am in room 311A at the Kanawha Public Library.

Perry Bryant
304-344-1673 (Preferred)
304-533-7941 (Cell)
1544 Lee Street
Charleston, West Virginia 25311

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