Join Common Defense & Fight For $15 in Charleston, WV for a Day of Action!

Join fast food workers, veterans community members, and activists nationwide for a day of action to demand McDonald’s raise their wages to $15/hr.
We will be meeting at the corner park by Sidney Avenue and Washington Street E., on Wednesday, May 19th @ noon
People are taking action in events large and small to call on the company, and others like it, to not wait for Congress, but to raise pay for all their workers to $15 an hour for all.
Stand in solidarity and join us on May 19th at noon to support Fight for $15 and hold these companies accountable!
Aug 24 2021  Action Alert
High Roads Kitchens WV Launch – 8/25 @ 12:00 Noon
Apr 27 2021  Action Alert
WED. 1:30PM: Delegate Sean Hornbuckle to Be A #ServerForAnHour to Highlight the Need for Congress to Pass the Raise the Wage Act, End the Subminimum Wage for Tipped Workers
Updated: June 30, 2021 — 1:17 pm
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