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Join the team: Volunteers and interns needed!

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Happy Thursday!

Join the Movement / join our team! Volunteers / interns needed.

WV Citizen Action is a growing organization that’s dedicated to economic justice, a clean environment, building political power, and creating a democracy that works for all of us — not just the privileged few. This year we’re expanding our grassroots organizing support for communities around the state and our efforts to influence elections. But we need your help to get there. Just a few hours of your time each week can make a big difference — so please join our core team of volunteers!

We’re in need of volunteers or interns to help with a variety of administrative, fundraising, and outreach tasks – both in office and remotely. Are you up to it? Learn more here.



While we can’t offer pay, we can help students meet volunteer requirements or earn college credit, and can teach volunteers new skills.  We’re happy to work with anyone in any way we can to make this mutually beneficial for us and you!

Our office is based in Charleston, WV.  Some of our volunteer tasks can be done from afar.  We are seeking help in four different areas and have created volunteer/intern positions for each. Check them out on our website here!

To apply, please send an email to stating which position(s) you are interested in and your availability; if you wish to use one or more of these opportunities as an internship for school requirements/credit, please submit your application by 5 pm, Wednesday May 8th.

We hope you’ll consider helping us out and maybe learning some new skills while you’re at it!

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