PRESS ADVISORY: Oct 26th, 11AM – WV Groups to Speak Out on SCOTUS Vote Outside Sen Capito’s Office – Members want Covid Relief, not Court Packing

What: Press Conference on SCOTUS nomination

When: 11 AM Monday October 27th

Where: Outside Senator Capito’s Charleston office 500 Va St E

Who: Speakers from Kanawha Valley NOW; WV Chapter of NASW; WV Citizen Action; WV Working Families; WV FREE Action Fund WV for Health Policy and Action Fund and others

Charleston, WV – State and local community groups will hold a press conference on Monday, Oct 26th outside Sen Capito’s downtown Charleston office to make statements opposing the vote on a Supreme Court nominee ahead of the November elections and before Congress passes a desperately needed second Covid Response Package to help struggling citizens, small businesses, and local governments.

Organizations whose members will be present in support of this effort are: Kanawha Valley NOW; WV Chapter of NASW; WV Citizen Action; WV Working Families; WV FREE Action Fund; WV for Health Policy and Action Fund and others

“An increasing number of Senator Capito’s constituents are losing loved ones to COVID, their livelihoods to a crumbling economy, and are facing hunger, cutoffs and evictions. Now is the time for the Senator to lead on a robust new stimulus package to address these ills, not embarrass West Virginia by blindly following the conveniently shifting convictions of her party.” Offered Sam Hickman, CEO of WV Chapter of NASW.

Renate Pore, president of Kanawha Valley National Organization of Women says, “Our organization is deeply concerned that the Supreme Court is being packed with Justices who may most likely interpret the law to reverse the progress for equal rights of the last decades.”  

“Senator Capito is wrong when she says that West Virginians support the hasty and politically motivated push for this lifetime appointment to our highest court,’ said Gary Zuckett, Director at WV Citizen Action, “We would rather see the Senate pass a Covid relief package that helps those who are hurting, hungry and in danger of homelessness.”

Supporters will be at the location dressed as Handmaidens Tale women. Others will be holding signs and banners opposing court packing and supporting Covid relief.


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