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Drinking Water Protections Under Attack

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Tank Bill on the Chopping Block MCHM tanksWe’ve been anticipating a bill that would make changes to SB 373, the “water bill” that was passed unanimously last year in the wake of the Freedom Industries’ chemical leak. Continued rumblings throughout the summer and during interims suggested that industry lobbyists were hard at work attempting to weaken the bill- calling for changes that would affect important public health safeguards, before some provisions even went into effect.Today, that bill was introduced by Delegates Ashley, Hanshaw, Anderson, Storch, Westfall, Zatezalo, Ireland, Miley, Williams, Boggs and L. Phillips. HB 2574 goes far beyond what we expected and effectively removes 99% of ASTs currently regulated under the Act. This bill is referenced to one committee- the House Judiciary- and is likely on a fast track to passage.We need your help NOW to stop the undoing of SB 373! Please call/email the members of the House Judiciary Committee and tell them to “Vote NO on HB 2574.”Tell these House Judiciary members to protect our water and reject HB2574:

House Committee Leadership:

Delegate Shott – Chair (304) 340-3252

Delegate Lane – Vice-Chair (304) 340-3252

Delegate Manchin – Minority Chair (304) 340-3331

Delegate Skinner – Minority Vice-Chair (304) 340-3248

Committee Members:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Drinking Water Protections in Jeopardy

Waters classified as “Category A” by WV’s Water Quality Standards are protected for current or future drinking water use. An industry amendment to severely limit Category A protections is expected to be voted on by the Senate Natural Resources Committee tomorrow. Click here to view our Category A Fact Sheet.

Tell the members of this committee to protect our drinking water supplies and:
1.       Support DEP’s proposal to remove the Category A exemption for the Kanawha River.
2.       Reject attempts to weaken Category A protections statewide.

The committee will also be considering a bill dealing with radioactive drilling waste in our landfills. Radioactive elements will leach from landfills and end up in our water supplies. Tell them protect our water, land and people and don’t increase radioactivity in our landfills!

Senate Committee Leadership:

Robert L. Karnes  – Chair (304) 357-7906

Mark R. Maynard – Vice Chair (304) 357-7808

Committee Members:;;;;;;;;;;

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