Senate Sends Water Quality Rule to the House With No Updated Health Protections

Courtesy of the WV Rivers Coalition & the WV Environmental Council

The West Virginia Senate voted Thursday to pass the water quality standards rule (SB 163) without updated protections for drinking water. The 20-12 vote advances the rule to the House. Read this article by the Charleston Gazette-Mail to learn more about the bill and its controversial passage through Senate Judiciary.

Join us in thanking the 12 Senators that voted NO on the bill that did not include the updated protections. Let them know you appreciate them being champions for public health and safe drinking water: Stephen BaldwinRobert BeachDouglas FacemirePaul HardestyWilliam IhlenfeldGlenn JeffriesRichard LindsayRoman PreziosoMike RomanoRon StollingsJohn Unger II; and Mike Woelfel.

Prior to the vote, Senator Baldwin submitted a petition collected by WV Rivers. The 898 petition signers are people took action through WV Rivers action alerts demanding updated human health protections for our drinking water. Thank you!

We’ll need to put even more pressure on members of the House as they begin to consider the bill. The legislature is listening and there is a still a long way to go until the bill is law. Stay engaged!


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  1. If we care about the survival of those who live in our state and want to repopulate, we’ll have to keep drinking water potable. Thanking you for knowing this and voting No to SB 163. We’ll be watching this and other bills protecting our water for drinking and other public use, which does not include removing it for the use of extractive industries.

  2. Wasn’t the 2014 water poisoning crisis enough to make us change our polluting ways. Shame, Shame, Shame. We should be doing all we can to protect the rest of our water, that is, the part not destroyed by the extractive industries. And you wonder why we’re losing population.

  3. Thank you and the few Senators who care about the future of our children and not just money pouring in from lobbyists who are only interested in shareholder or ownership of “profitable companies” regardless of their toll on those living here. Maybe we should drag a few of the supporters of this oil and gas disaster and introduce them to life on the edge…and make them drink the water that has killed livestock and made people sick or waterless! Time to clean house. Please list those also who need to be voted out for supporting corporate interests over lifetime and beyond, devastation at the cost of destroying the state’s natural beauty and resources! I am surrounded by ineptitude of the Mountain Valley Pipeline on both sides of my farm…One 0.4 miles N and the one currently violating every rule in the book, 0.2 mi S of my farm. They have ruined the view from my farm…both are on the next hill over. They spread seed when they lost their water permits…a last ditch effort before they left. What was actually seeded, sprouted and then died from the 2 below temps…no erosion control at all. I cannot get photos as it is just past a curve where people fly…and there is no where to pull over to take photos, and the MLPA has not been able to join me with their drone. Kind of feel like I am on my own…So much for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…Guess the Declaration of Independence is dead…

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