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Tell Congress to Investigate Big Pharma and HHS Nominee Alex Azar

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In the next few weeks, the Senate will be voting on the confirmation of Alex Azar, a former executive of the drug corporation Eli Lilly, to replace Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

During Azar’s tenure at Eli Lilly, the drug corporation more than tripled the price of insulin from $74 to $269, even though the original patent for the drug expired more than 75 years ago.

Sign our petition demanding and demand that Congress investigate Azar’s involvement in alleged price-fixing of the lifesaving medication insulin while he was a top executive at Eli Lilly.

Data from Truven Health Analytics shows that Eli Lilly has increased the price of insulin in lockstep with Sanofi, Merck and Novo Nordisk, the other major drug corporations that produce the medication.This lends credibility to allegations that Eli Lilly engaged in price-fixing under Azar’s leadership.

If true, Azar’s actions at Eli Lilly would not only have put lifesaving drugs out of reach for private consumers, they would also have increased costs for federal programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

Everyday people need access to affordable medications and good health care. It would be unacceptable for a drug corporation CEO who has allegedly engaged in price-fixing to lead the Department of Health and Human Services.

Sign our petition and demand that Congress investigate Azar’s role in this alleged price-fixing scheme.

Thank you!

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PS: This will likely be our last action item for 2017. As the year comes to a close, many of us are thinking of charitable giving, and WV CAG relies on your generosity. If you recently renewed your membership, Thank YOU! If you haven’t, you can do so here, or give a tax-deductible year-end gift to WV Citizen Action Education Fund (WVCAEF) here

The WV CAG Staff and Board of Directors wish you peace, love and joy this holiday season and best wishes for 2018. Thanks for your continued support! 

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