Tell Sen. Capito: Stop Playing Politics with Our Lives!

Thousands of West Virginia families are feeling the pain of the government shutdown: federal employees who aren’t able to work, those who are working without pay, small business owners who rely on federal services, kids and families who rely on temporary assistance, and many more. We’re all wondering which axe will fall next and how long this will go on. Will our families sit in the cold because our landlord didn’t get a HUD payment to fix the heat? When SNAP funds run out, will we tell our kids they can’t eat? How long will workers go without wages, and what will they do to put food on the table?

We are tired of being held hostage to advance your administration’s agenda, Senator Capito. Stop playing politics with our lives. Stand down on the border wall issue so that the government can get back to serving the people.

When: Tuesday, January 15, 4 pm-5 pm

Where: Senator Capito’s office (500 Virginia St. East, Charleston)

Please bring:

  • – Your kids, to remind Senator Capito that families are being affected by this shutdown! We’ll have a sign making activity for kids to do.
  • – A small food pantry donation, to support furloughed or unpaid workers and families whose food assistance may be delayed.
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