Tell Sen. Capito: Stop Playing Politics with Our Lives!

Thousands of West Virginia families are feeling the pain of the government shutdown: federal employees who aren’t able to work, those who are working without pay, small business owners who rely on federal services, kids and families who rely on temporary assistance, and many more. We’re all wondering which axe will fall next and how long this will go on. Will our families sit in the cold because our landlord didn’t get a HUD payment to fix the heat? When SNAP funds run out, will we tell our kids they can’t eat? How long will workers go without wages, and what will they do to put food on the table?

We are tired of being held hostage to advance your administration’s agenda, Senator Capito. Stop playing politics with our lives. Stand down on the border wall issue so that the government can get back to serving the people.

When: Tuesday, January 15, 4 pm-5 pm

Where: Senator Capito’s office (500 Virginia St. East, Charleston)

Please bring:

  • – Your kids, to remind Senator Capito that families are being affected by this shutdown! We’ll have a sign making activity for kids to do.
  • – A small food pantry donation, to support furloughed or unpaid workers and families whose food assistance may be delayed.


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  1. Government shutdowns are inhumane and unfair, holding WORKERS hostage and should be ILLEGAL! If you’re going to support this, YOUR salary and that of ALL members of Congress should be forfeited as well. PLEASE END THE SHUTDOWN. DO IT NOW!

  2. The shut down by a dictatorial President is an outrage! Legislators who support it are on my black list!

    Kathryn A. Stone

  3. Kathy Sweeney Lloyd

    This hurts people, Shelley! Scrap the wall and open our government. The GOP looks awful on this!

  4. When you were elected, you were chosen to represent ALL of the people of West Virginia and to take action to protect the citizens of this state from harm and to uphold the Constitutution. As a member of congress, your first duty is to ensure that the rule of law is upheld and that our citizens rights to pursue a life of liberty and happiness (including the right to work), NOT to engage in political manuevering that holds citizens hostage for political gain. The “Trumped” up “national emergency” by the president is harming both federal employees and those who depend on them. Please use your influence to stop this economic debacle from continuing! Demand that Mitch McConnell brings congressional bills to the floor that have been approved by both sides of the aisle and to override any presidential veto. Get off the fence and speak up and speak out for the people and stop hiding behind the president’s coat tails.

  5. Monte & Elora McKenzie said ,
    If America ever reverts from an ologarchy to a real democracy the people will change every thing in WDC to provide the 67 legeslative items people benefits you olagarks have kept us from enjoying starting with healthcare for all without charge including all other benefits enjoyed by most other nations of the world! Americans also are against all military activity beyond our shores and want our servicemen& women home to help rebuild our nations green energy replacement for very old Dams and all nuclear electric and fossil fuel electric generators and convert them to total public ownership!No regulated utilities at all! Eliminate the tireny of the “Fed” , replace it with the treasury issueing all money,& inactment of State owned Banks in every State eliminating totally all commercial banking in the USA !

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