THIS Moral Monday @3PM: Poor People’s Campaign Fight for $15 Comes to WV


UPDATE: Due to inclement weather and the prediction of dangerous ice, the decision was made to move this to a Virtual Event Only. MORAL MONDAY WILL NOT BE IN PERSON as initially planned.

The event will be online at The West Virginia Poor People’s Campaign is working with Rev. Barber to plan another action in West Virginia as soon as the weather allows. Please watch for further updates.

FEB 15th @3PM: Poor People’s Campaign Fights for $15 Minimum Wage in WV

Please join the West Virginia Poor People’s Campaign in Charleston on February 15 to demand $15 an hour minimum wage NOW for all workers, including tipped workers; unions for all; and a just and full COVID relief package! Rev. William Barber, co-founder of the Poor People’s Campaign, says this fight is as big as the battles for the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act. Along with Rev. Theoharis, they will be online with the Moral Monday event, as the WV Poor People’s Campaign states their demands to Senator Manchin. In addition, impacted minimum-wage workers and clergy will share their stories of survival on West Virginia’s minimum wage of $8.75/hour and what an increase to $15/hour would mean to them. 

When we lift from the bottom, everybody rises!

Regardless of who’s in power, we need to take action in support of the agenda of the poor and low-wealth people across this country. Recent events only embolden our resolve to call for an end to policies that leave out the poor, and to challenge at every turn the narrative that blames poverty on the poor, a narrative with bipartisan support. This is not about right versus left, but about right versus wrong.

**** This event will observe all COVID safety protocols. Participants must wear two masks, remain physically distant, and have no symptoms of Covid 19 to participate *****


2:30pm: Gather for a brief march

3pm: Virtual “Speak-Out” to Senator Manchin’s Office via

You can join the online program HERE at 3 PM on Monday.

To learn more about the Poor People’s Campaign:

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