Letter of Concern to FBI Regarding Assessment Targeting “Black Identity Extremists”

An FBI intelligence assessment was recently leaked that singled out “Black Identity Extremists” as a likely threat to attack law enforcement officers. Given the FBI’s history of survelling and harassing African American leaders, and the reality that white supremacy constitutes a much greater threat, this assessment raises serious concerns. The ACLU of WV drafted the letter below which was co-signed by WV CAG and other social justice organizations. 

Letter to Special Agent Johnson Final
Feb 18 2018  Newsletter
Capital Eye Vol. 11 No. 6
Feb 18 2018  Newsletter article
Senate Passes Intermediate Court Bill, Judicial Budget Amendment
Feb 18 2018  Newsletter article
SNAP Work Requirements Headed for a Vote in the House
Feb 13 2018  Newsletter article
Week 5: Halfway

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