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Support HB 5647, Support Medicaid, Support Healthy WV

       Medicaid in West Virginia is facing a $114 million shortfall. While the COVID epidemic was raging, the federal government gave states more money to support their Medicaid programs to make sure they could address the crisis from both a public health and an individual coverage standpoint. During that time, West Virginia spent less state money on the program, and used those funds for other things. Now that the public health emergency is over, West Virginia must go back to spending what it used to on Medicaid to maintain existing services and keep our federal matching funds. Failing to allocate the $114 million would result in losing our federal matching funds of $280 million this year alone. However, there are some lawmakers who are trying to come up with ways to cut spending that could have disastrous results not only for our most vulnerable people, but for our healthcare infrastructure.

      Almost half of the children in the state, and home health and nursing home care for our elderly are supported by the program. It also supports our health care infrastructure, with providers, clinics and hospitals dependent on the program to stay in operation. Click here to learn more

       Legislators must put the health of West Virginians first and vote YES on House Bill 5647, the bill that will fully fund Medicaid in the future. And we need them to pass it without harmful restrictions. Please contact your senators here and tell them that the health of our people must be their priority.

Updated: March 3, 2024 — 8:00 pm
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