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April 29, 2016 Action Alert Ciera Pennington
Take Action for a Common Sense Solution for WV
Legislators are actively discussing our state budget in preparation for the upcoming Special Session. Will you take two minutes and ask your Senator(s) to support working families with a state Earned Income Tax Credit?
Issues: Budget prioritiesFair taxationInequalityKids and families
April 28, 2016 Action Alert Ciera Pennington
It’s time to vote…twice!
We want you to vote TWICE! Yes, you read that right; we want you to vote twice. First, vote for the issues you care about on the Our Children, Our Future Policy Platform Ballot. After you vote for the issues, vote for your elected officials!
Issues: Budget prioritiesClean electionsEnergy efficiencyHealthcareOur children our futureRight to workWater
April 7, 2016 Newsletter Ciera Pennington
Capital Eye: It’s all over…except for finding the money
Read our April 2016 newsletter with a wrap-up of session and a look ahead at the election!
Issues: Budget prioritiesClean electionsDiscriminationEnergy efficiencyEventInequalityKids and familiesOur children our future
April 7, 2016 Action Alert Ciera Pennington
Capital Eye: It’s all over…except for finding the money
Saturday, March 12th was the last day of the 2016 regular legislative session. The governor is still working his way through bills passed the last week, deciding what he will sign into law or veto. Catch up on what happened the last week of session and since and see where you can still take action!
Issues: Aboveground tanksBudget prioritiesCivil JusticeClean electionsDiscriminationEnergy efficiencyEventOur children our futureRight to workWater
February 22, 2016 Newsletter Ciera Pennington
Capital Eye: Unintended Consequences
We hope you enjoyed your warm weekend! Now, start off your Monday right (or should we say 'left'?) with an update on what's been happening at our state Capitol. Don't forget to click the bold links to take action!
Issues: Budget prioritiesCivil JusticeEnergy efficiencyFrackingHealthcare
January 31, 2016 Newsletter Ciera Pennington
Capital Eye Update: 1/31/16
What a week! Catch-up on what's been happening at the Capitol this past week.
Issues: Budget prioritiesEventKids and familiesOur children our futurePollutionRight to work
December 10, 2015 Action Alert Ciera Pennington
We can’t let this slip by
Members of Congress are currently negotiating the budget deal to avoid a government shutdown. While there will likely be a small funding bill to extend the deadline till next week, a deal must be made soon. The main sticking point: policy riders.
Issues: Budget prioritiesClean elections
September 17, 2015 Advocacy Letter CAG
Coalition Letter to House Opposing HR 1737 Auto Discrimination
On behalf of the undersigned organizations, we urge you to oppose H.R. 1737, the so-called “Reforming CFPB Indirect Auto Financing Guidance Act.” This legislation is simply an effort to stop the CFPB from enforcing laws against discrimination.
Issues: Budget prioritiesDiscrimination
February 22, 2015 Newsletter ian
Week 6: Over the Hump
War on Workers, Drug Testing for TANF Recipients, APRNs Need Autonomy, More Freedom for Milk, Hemp and Compassionate Cannabis, Pro-Life and Pro Death, LEEP Bill Moving, Constitution Under Attack, Another Attack on Women's Medical Care, Threats to Both Air AND Water, Recycling Alert Update.
Issues: Budget prioritiesEnergy efficiencyHealthcareLiving wageRecyclingRight to workWater
February 1, 2015 Newsletter Karan Ireland
Week 3: All Hands On Deck
Find out what's been happening at the Legislature- trust us, there's a lot!
Issues: Budget prioritiesEducationEnergy efficiencyLiving wageNet meteringRecyclingRight to work
January 24, 2015 Newsletter Julie Archer
Week 2: Net Metering Saved, Action Needed on Energy Efficiency
This Friday is the tenth day, and the first full week of the 2015 legislature. On Monday, the Martin Luther King, Jr. State Holiday Commission’s celebration was held at Asbury United Methodist Church ending with a march at noon to the Capitol and the ringing of the liberty bell. The same day, the West Virginia Education Association held a rally for teachers and UE (United Electrical Workers) Local 170 rallied with the state workers they represent.
Issues: Budget prioritiesCivil JusticeEnergy efficiencyHealthcareKids and familiesNet meteringWater
Citizen Action Group
January 10, 2014 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
WV Citizen Action Group 2014 Public Policy Priorities
Thousands of hard working West Virginians earn minimum wage, but no matter how hard they work, minimum wage is simply not enough to cover their basic needs, like food, rent and health.
Issues: Budget prioritiesEnergyHealthcare
March 14, 2007 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
First Things First: The President’s Budget Makes the Wrong Choices for WV
In West Virginia, we share some basic priorities. We all want our children to grow up healthy. We want to know that if we are sick or hurt, there will be doctors and nurses and ambulances ready to care for us. We want our kids to get a good education so they can get good jobs and strengthen our economy, and because an informed citizenry is the base of a healthy democracy. We want everyone to have enough nutritious food to eat. We want to breathe clean air and drink clean water.
Issues: Budget prioritiesHealthcareKids and families
June 6, 2006 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
New Federal Budget Will Cost West Virginia Millions, Most Vulnerable Will Be Cut
West Virginia Citizen Action Group, a non-profit statewide public-interest organization, today released a report finding that budget decisions being made in Washington, D.C. this month could have a serious impact on families in West Virginia.
Issues: Budget prioritiesKids and families
January 13, 2006 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
The Top Ten Worst Provisions for Low-income Families in the Budget Reconciliation Conference Report
In December, the House of Representatives approved a budget reconciliation bill, which the Senate then modified. Now the House has another opportunity to reconsider the bill. This posts lists ten of the most devastating provisions for low-income families and children.
Issues: Budget prioritiesKids and familiesPoverty
December 15, 2005 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
The Federal Budget: What’s at Stake for West Virginia
As we approach this season of giving, thousands of our neighbors cannot afford even the basic necessities of living — such as food, medical care, and childcare.
Issues: Budget prioritiesHealthcareKids and families
November 9, 2005 Citizen Action Group Blog CAG
A White Paper Analysis of the GOP’s Budget Plan and Its Impact on West Virginia’s Families, Children and Seniors
The budget plan it approved this year calls for unprecedented cuts to vital services poor and middle class families – including women, children, students, seniors and minorities - depend on every day.
Issues: Budget prioritiesHealthcareKids and families
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