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WASHINGTON, D.C.—People’s Action released the following statement by Director of Federal Affairs Megan Essaheb amid news reports that a Senate vote on President Biden’s Build Back Better Act would be pushed to 2022, in part due to Sen. Manchin’s opposition to the inclusion of the Child Tax Credit:

“Today is the last day families will get Child Tax Credit checks unless Congress passes the Build Back Better Act to extend the life-changing program. This legislation will only reduce costs for families and help them thrive–it’s a no-brainer that Manchin needs to get behind.

“The Child Tax Credit cut child poverty in the U.S. in half. We have to renew it and continue supporting the millions of hurting families in West Virginia, and across the country. Sen. Manchin should listen to his constituents, not corporate interests, and deliver on the promises Democrats made when they were elected the majority. 

“The Senate should pass both the Build Back Better Act and critical voting rights legislation as fast as possible.”

Background: Over 346,000 children in West Virginia have received American Rescue Plan’s $300 monthly payment, including 170,000 kids who were previously left out of the previous version  of the credit. If Congress does not extend the current child tax credit by the end of the year, families will not receive payments in January. 

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