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Action Alert CAG May 14, 2024
Tell the Governor to Restore Funding to Medicaid
During the May special session, lawmakers MUST restore Medicaid items to proposed funding levels to protect our families and neighbors! More
Issues: Healthcare
Action Alert CAG May 10, 2024
West Virginians for Energy Freedom Community Action Gathering – BUCKHANNON
During this event, you can expect a highly interactive workshop designed to break down the basics of the energy system in West Virginia, highlighting barriers that prevent access to affordable energy. More
Action Alert CAG April 29, 2024
Early Voting Starts Wed. May 1st
With Early Voting set to begin Wednesday, May 1st, we wanted to make sure you have all the information you need to vote. More
Issues: DemocracyElectionsVoting
Action Alert CAG April 23, 2024
West Virginians for Energy Freedom: Morgantown Community Action Event
We'll provide you with information and opportunities to learn more about affordable energy and give space to discuss rising utility costs. More
Issues: EnergyEnergy efficiency
Action Alert CAG April 22, 2024
Make Sure You’re Ready to Vote!
TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 23 is the deadline to register to vote in the 2024 WV Primary Election. Register, check, or update your registration at, then make a plan to vote. More
Issues: DemocracyElectionsVoting
Action Alert CAG April 16, 2024
Opposing HR 7428 Earned Wage Access
HR 7428 would obscure the relative cost of cash advances made upon earned wages income and further make vulnerable the working class. More
Action Alert CAG March 21, 2024
Hydrogen Energy Listening Session
There are two types of Hydrogen energy production and one of them (Blue Hydrogen) is on it’s way to trying to weasel into the towns of weary Appalachians. More
Action Alert Dani Parent March 20, 2024
Now Hiring: Climate Coordinator
West Virginia Citizen Action is seeking a Climate Project Manager to support members of the West Virginia Climate Alliance to maximize long-term impact and sustainability of climate organizing throughout West Virginia. The position focuses on collaborative development/execution of strategies and campaigns that build public support for science-driven climate action to conserve watersheds, habitat, and wildlife; […] More
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett March 18, 2024
Bad Bills: Dead or Alive? (Mostly Dead)
The lawmaking process was designed to make it hard to pass legislation. That’s a 2-edged sword, but lately it has been working in our favor. Even if the news itself isn't always good, we are fortunate to have an amazing statehouse press corps. Links here to some of their wrap-ups for further reading. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDiscriminationEnergyEnvironment
Newsletter article Dani Parent March 18, 2024
Climate Eye 2024 Session Wrap Up
With help from the political will and support of members like you, were able to help stop a number of bad bills. We backed a lot of bills that didn’t make it across the finish line, but we will continue to work for solutions to those issues both inside and outside the Legislature. More
Issues: EnergyEnvironment
Newsletter article CAG March 18, 2024
ALERT – Landmen Buying Pore Space Rights!
A summary of WV SORO's actions on bills during the 2024 West Virginia Legislature's regular session, which ended March 9th. Also land agents are going door to door trying to get surface owners to sign away rights to the pore space in the rock formations under their land, and we need to educate surface owners about that. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesEconomyEnergyEnvironment
Newsletter article CAG March 18, 2024
Arming Teachers Bill (HB 4299) “Thankfully Dead”
We're happy to report that HB 4299 was never put on agenda and, in the words of one sensible Senator, was reported as “thankfully dead.” More
Issues: EducationGun Safety
Newsletter article   March 18, 2024
HCFA 2024 Legislative Wrap Up
There are two bills that many are calling on the Governor to veto. One is SB 841, which cuts unemployment benefits. The other, HB 5105, creates exemptions for childhood immunizations in private, parochial, and virtual public schools. The best news at the end of the session might be the bills that didn't pass. Unfortunately, the “flat” budget passed on the last night of the session, failed to fill the $114 million dollar gap in Medicaid funding. More
Issues: Budget PrioritiesDiscriminationEducationHealthcareInequalityMedicaid
Newsletter article Julie Archer March 18, 2024
Dead Election Bills More Notable Than Ones That Passed
100+ bills related to elections were introduced this session. Of those, only 6 made it to the Governor’s desk. With the trend of state lawmakers limiting voting access and making it harder for eligible Americans to vote continuing around the country, we’re fortunate that no voter suppression bills passed. More
Issues: DemocracyElectionsVoting Rights
Newsletter CAG March 18, 2024
Capital Eye: Vol. 17 No. 8
A short list of the worst to fail includes the Women’s Bill of Wrongs; the Lock Up the Librarians/book banning bill; as well as the timbering in state parks, anti-carbon offset agreements, anti-air monitoring and welfare for Diversified Energy bills. More
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG March 12, 2024
Helping Hour with Swingstein & Robin
Come out to support WV Citizen Action Group with the perfect music to accompany your favorite beverages, snack, and friends. More
Action Alert CAG March 12, 2024
Tell Governor Justice to Veto HB 5105
Vaccinations Save Lives, and that is why we are very concerned about HB 5105. In a time when states all around us have loosened vaccination requirements, and are seeing measles outbreaks, some legislators in West Virginia seem to want to follow them down that dangerous road. More
Action Alert CAG March 11, 2024
UnitedHealth (Doesn’t) Care: Demand United Put Care Over Cost!
Is UnitedHealthcare your health insurer? Have you had problems with said health"care" insurance provider?? More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcare
Action AlertCitizen Action Group Blog CAG March 9, 2024
The United Vision Project Training – March 2024
We're working to develop strategies to help all of us work together and advance policies that result in real improvements in people's lives. More
Action Alert CAG March 4, 2024
Keep Vulnerable Children in School – OPPOSE SB 614
While teachers undoubtedly need more support and tools to address problematic student behavior, the primary response in SB 614 is removing, excluding, and isolating children who are generally between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. More
Issues: EducationInequalityRacial Justice
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