Capital Eye Vol. 15 No. 12: Summer of Action

There is sooo much going in this summer and WVCAG is in the thick of it, so here’s the 12th edition of our Capital Eye newsletter to break it all down.

In this edition:

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If you experienced a problem voting in the primary, we want to hear about it! We’re working with partners and allies to gather information about issues and challenges experienced in West Virginia’s 2022 primary election and to pressure state and local election officials to take action on these issues before the general election. Please fill out our 2022 Primary Election Issues and Action Survey to share your story or contact about your voting experience. 

If you would like to volunteer with Health Care for All WV, or help with the Make Meds Affordable campaign, please contact us at

– Take action at to tell your state legislators and congressional reps to pass real gun safety legislation NOW!

– Calls to Senator Manchin or Capito’s offices, asking to support compulsory licensing and breaking pharmaceutical patent monopolies are needed. You can also take action here:

– Take action here (, and contact our Congress members. Tell them they should demand answers, and an end to the REACH program, from the Biden administration.

– Please contact our Congress members, remind them of the dire consequences if they fail to act. Tell them to extend the enhanced premium tax credits that have lowered health care costs for millions of Americans. Take action at

– We’re Hiring!: 

PRESS RELEASE: Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Betrays Constitutional Rights – Vigils Scheduled Across the State
The decision to overturn the constitutional right to an abortion is the latest effort by the U.S. Supreme Court’s conservative majority to erase fundamental Americans rights. The language of this decision may not mirror the leaked draft opinion but the result is just as devastating, with abortion care being pushed even further out of reach for millions of people.
Tagged: AbortionBodily AutonomyFair CourtsHuman RightsInequality
Tobacco or Guns, Which is More Deadly?
This bi-partisan bill, if passed, would be the first piece of such legislation to move out of the Senate in this century. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it leaves much to be desired.
Tagged: Gun Safety
Big Pharma Funded Group Attacks Manchin on Rx Costs
WV seniors have been getting multiple big flashy fliers in the mail accusing Senator Manchin of supporting a $300 Billion ‘cut’ in Medicare. Who's funding it?
Tagged: Medicare
AEP Rate Increases, Public Hearings, and Going Solar!
American Electric Power affiliates Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power want their customers to pay nearly $300 million more per year because the cost of fuel keeps going up. What fuel? Coal of course!
Tagged: Clean EnergyEnergyEnergy efficiencyFuel PricesInflationSolar PowerUtility Rates
A Survey to Safeguard Democracy
As we gather, as a nation, to reflect upon the prevalent circulation of the “Big Lie,” the alarming spread of right-wing extremism, and the resulting January 6th coup attempt, it is more important than ever that we take the necessary steps to safeguard our democracy.
Tagged: Clean electionsDemocracyVotingVoting Rights
Help Amplify our Key Health Care Campaigns for 2022
West Virginia Citizen Action has been a part of the fight for Health Care for All for decades... and, in 2022, we will definitely need your help to make health care policy and legislation a priority for our elected officials.
Tagged: Health InsuranceMedicaidMedicare
WV vs. EPA and the Broader Impacts of the SCOTUS Decision
One of the big concerns with this case is that it “will have far broader implications, not only for the Clean Air Act but also for other federal statutory frameworks that aim to protect public health and the environment.”
Tagged: Clean AirEmissionsSCOTUS
WV New Job’s Coalition Visioning Project: We’re Hiring!
The newest addition to the WV New Jobs Coalition’s work is a series of meetings and one-on-one conversations to listen to regular West Virginians about their community’s needs, and their vision for the future of our state. 
Tagged: Care EconomyClimate ChangeJobsJustice
Two Actions You Can Take to Help Protect West Virginia’s Environment
Action #1: Urge Lawmakers to Solve Abandoned Mine Lands Crisis Without Gouging WV Taxpayers! Action #2: Attend the Marcellus Academy 2022 on July 22 and 23.
Tagged: Abandoned Mine LandsClean EnergyClimate ChangeReclamationwater quality
Candidate Forums and Medicaid Summit News
Healthcare for All WV is revving up for our 2022 Candidate Forums! We are also preparing to present at the 2002 Medicaid Summit in September.
Tagged: Health InsuranceHealthcareMedicaidMedicare
Jammin’ for Jobs and Justice in Fairmont
CAG staff celebrated WV Day at Jammin’ for Jobs and Justice in Fairmont, WV, where Carey Jo spoke to the crowd and Gary was interviewed by Sen. Manchin’s hometown newspaper.
Tagged: Care EconomyClimate ChangeEnvironmentJobsJustice
Meet Richard Rose!
Hi! My name is Richard Rose (he/him), I am from Princeton, and I am beyond excited to be working with CAG as an intern this summer!
Tagged: Internship
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