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Demand a safe, locally owned water system!

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Nearly two years after the water crisis, New Jersey-based West Virginia American Water is still refusing to invest in a safe water system, while letting our infrastructure fall apart and raising our rates!

We are far from having the safe water system we need and deserve:

  • WV American Water still can’t detect MCHM or diesel spills in the Elk River.
  • It would take nearly 400 years to replace all the water mains at the current rate.
  • There is still no secondary water source for 300,000 people.

Meanwhile, WV American Water sends $5-7 million a year of our money to New Jersey as dividends to its parent company, and is seeking to raise our rates by 28%!

Our Water is a new community initiative to take control of our water system back from WV American Water. We need a safe water system that is accountable to the people that live here.

Our Water will be organizing on the county level, in the nine counties affected by the 2014 water crisis to build support for a locally owned water system.

Sign the petition – join us in demanding a safe, locally owned water system!

Find out more about Our Water:

Tuesday, September 22nd
Taylor Books (226 Capitol St., Charleston)
Register here – refreshments will be provided
Sponsored by Advocates for a Safe Water System

Come to this info session and training to learn about other communities that have taken back their water and how you can be part of making it happen here!

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