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Don’t let Trump take food away from struggling workers & families!

West Virginia Citizen Action Group
West Virginia
Citizen Action Group
Mar 26, 2019 View / Comment Online



The Trump administration has proposed a new rule that takes away states’ flexibility to provide benefits and jeopardizes food assistance for 755,000 Americans

The proposed rule would make it harder for families to get the nutrition they need to stay healthy, work, and support their families by restricting how states distribute Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. 

The Department of Agriculture is accepting public comments on these proposed rule changes up to April 1st. These changes also punish workers who have irregular or seasonal work hours, who take longer to find a job, and who cannot meet the requirements because of disability even though they may not be receiving disability assistance.

Tell the Trump administration to keep their hands off of SNAP!

A wave of comments will show that Americans oppose this unprecedented change and support providing food assistance to families and workers.

Please take a moment to add your voice by clicking on this link to the comment form. It will just take a couple of minutes for you to weigh on this issue of vital importance to lower-income families.

Be sure to add your own sentence at the end of the suggested text to make your message personal and unique – they have to respond to each unique submission!

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