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Early Voting Starts Today – Check Out Our New App to Help Inform Your Vote

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Today, the first day of early voting, WV Citizen Action Education Fund (WV CAEF), our sister organization, is excited to announce a new resource for helping voters identify candidates and issues they support with a new, easy to use election app called BallotReady. 

BallotReady is a non-partisan civic engagement tool that enables users to find comprehensive ballot information for their own voting precinct. The tool displays candidate bios, stances, endorsements, and relevant news all in one place. The tool also helps users to find their polling place (including early voting locations), make a plan to vote, easily save, and be reminded of the information prior to and on Election Day.

Click here to learn more about the app or go straight to the voter guide at

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Early voting runs through Saturday, May 5. Election Day is Tuesday, May 8. 

When you go to the polls, remember West Virginia’s new voter ID law is now in effect and everyone must show some form of ID.  Acceptable forms of photo ID include driver’s licenses, passports, military and student IDs, and concealed carry permits. Several forms of non-photo IDs will also be accepted including Medicare and Medicaid cards, hunting and fishing licenses, bank and debit cards, utility bills, and health insurance cards. Voters who lack a valid form of ID could have a friend or poll worker vouch for them. (See the Secretary of State’s guide to the new law below for a complete list of acceptable IDs and exceptions to the voter ID requirement.)

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PS: After the election, we hope you’ll join us for our annual awards dinner and fundraiser, where we’ll be honoring Paul Nyden and Cathy Kunkel.  Check out our latest newsletter for more details or click here to get your tickets online today.  

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  1. Tried using Ballot Ready but it won’t do anything other than let me type my name, address and Democrat for which ballot. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Jane, I’m not sure what’s up. It may just be a hiccup in the system. I can check with the developers.

    2. I know they were working to add more profile information on some candidates so it could be it was “down” temporarily while they were updating. Please let us know if you continue to have problems. We will definitely send feedback to the developers.

  2. While it’s nice to learn the names of who is running for what, that information is available in several places.
    What there’s a crying need for is better information about the people running for office — even the little local ones! Are they smart? Educated? What is their background, experiences, beliefs, and political philosophy? Will voting for So-And-So help or hurt the progressive cause?
    THAT information we could truly use.

  3. We appreciate all the comments and feedback we’ve gotten on the app. Candidates who want to flesh out their profile should contact us at We’ll provide you with a link to submit your information to be posted on the site.

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