Expand Medicare Call-in Days: OCT 26-27th

Right now, Congress is deciding whether or not to expand Medicare and lower drug prices in the final version of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.


Sadly, while the American people overwhelmingly support strong reform to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices and to expand it to cover dental, vision, and hearing care, a few Pharma-backed members of Congress are standing in the way. 

The only way we can change their minds is by proving to them that there’s widespread  support for Medicare expansion and lowering drug prices.


Please, contact your members of Congress right away and urge them to support a full Build Back Better package that includes strong Medicare drug price negotiation and dental, vision, and hearing coverage.

We’re so close to a major expansion of Medicare that will benefit millions of people.

But if we can’t convince our elected leaders to insist upon strong drug price negotiation and dental, vision, and hearing coverage, it will be left out of the final Build Back Better package.

So we need you to email your members of Congress and urge them to support lowering drug prices and Medicare expansion in Build Back Better.

Congress will only do the right thing if they hear an outpouring of support for these critical health priorities, NAME. Please take a few minutes to contact their offices right away.


Take action at www.tinyurl.com/wv4bbb, or text WVJOBS to 30403