Freedom to Vote Relay – Rally at the Finish Line!

Whatever our color, background or zip code, in America we value our freedom. The freedom to have a say in decisions that impact our lives—from curbing the pandemic to creating quality jobs to making health care affordable.

The Freedom to Vote Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and D.C. Statehood will stop threats to our freedom to vote and help us realize the promise of democracy for all.

For months, the American people have been calling for national standards to protect our freedom to vote, ensure fair representation, and get big money out of politics —demanding action in the face of a faction that spread lies about COVID, fueled the deadly attack on our Capitol, and exploited a Senate loophole to block legislation the majority of us support.

That’s why we’re mobilizing in a new and powerful way with the #FreedomToVoteRelay. Join us as we walk and bike together from West Virginia to our nation’s capital in Washington, DC the week of October 16th, culminating with a rally in DC when we arrive on Saturday, Oct 23rd. 

Join us at the finish line for a powerful rally urging the Senate and President Biden to protect our freedom to vote!

We need to push harder than ever to make sure the Senate does what it takes get the #FreedomToVoteAct across the finish line. Sign up to join us here. — Rally At the Finish Line! Facebook Event