Help Make Meds Affordable NOW! – a Health Care Webinar – Aug. 25th, 7PM

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Having Trouble Affording Your Rx? Learn How We Can Make Meds More Affordable!

Did you know that the Biden Administration and the Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra can help make medications more affordable NOW, without waiting on Congress?

It’s true! And, they can break pharmaceutical monopolies in the process! 

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On Aug. 25th, 7PM we will learn from medical professionals and community leaders how we can move policy to make medications more affordable for all. We’ll hear from real West Virginians who are struggling to afford their medications. And, we’ll share how you can help Take Action.

This event is part of a Health Care Webinar Series hosted by WV Citizen Action Group, Physicians for a National Health Program of WV, Rise Up WV, People’s Action and others.

Our goal? Share information, educate, and empower West Virginians to raise their voices and affect real policy change towards affordable, accessible, quality healthcare.

We really hope you can attend, learn more, and join us in our efforts to lower prescription drug prices for All.