Urgent: Tell Legislators Not to Bow to Out-of-State Pressure

From our friends at the West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy

With just 48 hours left in the 2016 Legislative Session, your legislators are getting bombarded with out-of-state robocalls pressuring them to pass a resolution calling for a constitutional convention.

During their committee meetings, legislators had more questions than answers on how such a convention of the states would work and how it could open up the U.S. Constitution to unwanted amendments.

Both the Charleston Gazette and the Charleston Daily Mail have called on legislators to pause and carefully consider all the implications of a constitutional convention.

Legislators need to take a slow, deliberative look at this important issue but in the session’s final hours they are hearing from well-funded, out-of-state interest groups pushing their agenda.
We deserve better. Call Speaker Tim Armstead at (304) 340-3210 and ask him to take this dangerous resolution off the House calendar.

Call your delegate(s) and ask them to support a study resolution that will give them time to consider all the possibilities of opening up the U.S. Constitution to amendments, instead of rushing through legislation with just hours left to consider all the impacts.

You can find your delegate’s contact info here or call toll free 1-877-565-3447.
Updated: March 11, 2016 — 11:26 pm

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