WV Climate Alliance: National Call-In Day

Today is National Call-In Day because the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will begin making up major climate provisions for the reconciliation package budget. 

The Clean Electricity Payment Program proposed in the current budget reconciliation bill will get us to 80% clean electricity by 2030 and on the path to 100% by 2035.

But entrenched fossil fuel interests are doing everything they can to stop it. To get us over the finish line, we need a tidal wave of constituent phone calls into Congress right now. Call your members of Congress today and help make sure they pass historic climate legislation as soon as possible. This is the most important thing you can do on global warming right now.

Follow this link: https://act.ccanactionfund.org/page/33197/call/1?utm_medium=email&utm_source=engagingnetworks&utm_campaign=utm_Federal&utm_content=Fed-CE-housebudgetbill-0821-c4+B+14:39:16 

Updated: September 13, 2021 — 11:58 am
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