Jan 6 Justice: Our Freedoms, Our Vote Rally – Oct. 21st at Noon

Jan 6 Justice: Our Freedom, Our Vote!

Join members from Rise Up WV, WV Common Defense, WV Citizens Action Group and others in a Justice, Our Freedoms and Our Vote rally on Friday Oct. 21st from noon until 1:00 PM, in front of the WV State Capitol river side steps, for a rally as part of a national week of action. https://mobilize.us/s/7AF5D5

Former President Trump and MAGA Republicans engaged in a violent criminal conspiracy to overturn an election they lost. They knew their actions were illegal. They have shown they will break the law and engage in violence in order to gain and stay in power. They must be held accountable.

Those who continue to support Trump’s behavior are using their power to take away our freedoms and fundamental rights including reproductive rights, marriage equality, separation of church and state, freedom of speech, and more.

This is wrong. In America, voters decide elections.

We want accountability for Jan 6 and the ongoing attacks on our freedoms. We must protect our elections – the voters, the election officials and a free and fair process.

Join us to speak out for Justice our Freedoms and Our Vote. https://mobilize.us/s/7AF5D5

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