PAST DUE: People’s State of the Union Watch

Over the last year, thousands of people have been in the streets demanding investments for those most impacted by the climate crisis and environmental, racial & economic injustice. Bold action and investments are PAST DUE!
Join us on the night of President’s Biden State of the Union address for a night of food, speakers, music, art, and a live screening of the address as we mobilize for the investments our communities need to thrive, including:
💥 Climate action, including millions of green jobs
💥 A strong care economy, including investments in home & elder care
💥 Affordable, green housing and transportation
It’s past time for President Biden and the Senate side with the people and planet over profit and fossil fuel corporations.
We are demanding Biden and the Senate use every tool necessary—including legislative and executive action—to get the job done.
Come on out for the whole evening or a part of it!
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