Public Hearing Testimony on HB 2389, by Gary Zuckett

Public Hearing Testimony on HB 2389

House Judiciary Committee


By Gary Zuckett

Mr. Chairman, members of the Committee, thank you for providing the opportunity for public comment on this rules change proposal.

My name is Gary Zuckett, I serve as Executive Director of WV Citizen Action. Our organization and its members across the state are opposed to certain water quality changes in HB 2389 and ask that members of the Judiciary Committee table this proposal and revise to enact rules that lead to LESS pollution and cancer causing chemicals in our waterways, many which are used for public drinking water.

HB 2389 actually INCREASES the allowable discharge amounts for a baker’s dozen of toxic chemicals in our rivers and streams – to allow more than our current limits! Industries in our state are now working, complying and profiting under the current rules so why should we let them dump more poisons into our water? This is a giant step backwards! This is just what the Pollution Lobby wants.

According to the CDC WV already ranks Number Three in the nation per capita for Cancer mortality. Will this bill will help us get to Number One? This is one list we’d rather be at the bottom of!

How many Delegates on this committee have had constituents contact them pleading for more cancer causing chemicals in their water? I daresay none!

I’m asking each member of this Committee to rewrite this proposal and work together to make our waterways cleaner and safer, not more polluted.

Thank you!

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