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The same day the Governor signed the bill to provide pay raises for  teachers and public employees, shady deals started happening under the dome. Late that night, the Senate Education Committee, with Senator Robert Karnes (R-Upshur) sitting in for committee Chair Kenny Mann (R-Monroe), advanced a bill to eliminate the Department of Education and the Arts (HB 4006). 

This attempt by Republican legislators to put Gail Manchin, wife of US Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), out of a job will hurt far more vulnerable people and institutions by putting AmeriCorps, Energy Express, and so much more at risk.

The bill was up for a final vote in the Senate on Friday, and was approved by an 18-15 vote. All Democrats voted against it, as did three Republicans (Senators Mark Drennan, R-Putnam; Ed Gaunch, R-Kanawha; and Chandler Swope, R-Mercer), while Senate Education Chair Kenny Mann (R-Monroe) was absent. On Saturday, the House agreed to the Senate’s amended version of HB 4006, in a mostly party-line vote, sending the bill to Governor Justice for his signature or veto

Shortly after the vote, the Governor indicated he would be evaluating the bill for any “unintended consequences.”

Please call and send a letter to the Governor’s office now, and tell him to veto HB 4006.

The bill puts programs like AmeriCorps and Energy Express in jeopardy. These programs, our children, and our people are too important to gamble with for partisan and personal politics. 

Call (304)-558-2000 or 1-(888)438-2731 and email 

Essential funding is at risk. The Department of Education and the Arts has $1,500,000 dollars of state money, and manages the pass through of $150 million in federal funding for the arts, rehabilitation, education, AmeriCorps, libraries, and more. This money is in existing contracts, and HB 4006 will jeopardize this funding.

The potential for unintended negative consequences from this hasty legislation is way too high, and will cost more money than it saves. Please contact Governor Justice today and tell him to veto HB 4006. 

Governor’s Office Phone: 304.558.2000 or 1.888.438.2731


You can also sign this petition showing your support:

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