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Veto of the Day: Ask Gov. Justice to veto HB 2010 & protect our foster care youth

West Virginia Citizen Action Group
West Virginia
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Mar 13, 2019 View / Comment Online



HB 2010, if signed into law by Governor Justice, will make DHHR turn child welfare and foster care over to a managed care organization (MCO); meaning our government would experiment with the lives of our most vulnerable kids and families by making our state the only one in the country to give a combination of Medicaid and child welfare funds to an MCO.

We should be protecting these kids and families, not experimenting with vital funds that could be used in better ways! Take action NOW and send a letter to Governor Justice asking that he veto HB 2010.

We have the talent and expertise to turn this crisis around by investing 100% of these funds in building our DHHR staffing capacity and in addressing the local needs already identified by community collaboratives and other planning groups in communities across the state. NOT by turning things over to an MCO.

Take action NOW by sending an email to Governor Justice asking he veto HB 2010! Don’t worry, we have a sample email you can use – send as is or add your own comments.


**Big thanks to volunteer citizen activist and retired social worker, Betty Rivard, for her hard work during session tracking bills like HB 2010 and being a fierce advocate for kids and families. Most of the language in this action came from her efforts!**

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